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82 Sanderson Avenue, Ste 208
Lynn, MA 01902

8:30A.M. - 5:00P.M. Eastern Time

Used Trade Show Exhibits

When it comes to marketing solutions, we've got it covered. We can provide virtually any product imaginable used to increase your trade show R.O.I, inform your customers, or to brand your business.

If you have a used exhibit that is in good condition that you are not using anymore, let us sell it on Consignment for you. Send us a set-up drawing or a photo of the exhibit. (If it is a portable just tell us who the manufacturer was and a little about the components that are included with it.) We'll let you know if we think we can sell it for you, and what we estimate your return would be. If we decide to take in your display, we will send you a Consignment Agreement. You'll ship the exhibit to us at your cost; we'll receive the exhibit, set it up, inventory it, and take current digital photos of it, at our cost. That's it! There are no storage charges while the exhibit is for sale. We market your exhibit on our website and in our showroom. When we sell the exhibit we let you know, and send your company a check! Its that simple.
For various reasons, we cannot receive in every exhibit. If the exhibit is close enough for us to go inspect and inventory it, we can use our non-showroom marketing program.

Note: The Gallery area for photos and descriptions of used exhibits is under construction. Stay Tuned!